What can a chiropractor do after a car accident?

A chiropractor might be helpful if you have recently been in an auto accident. Even if you feel fine or have only minor bumps and bruises after a car accident, invisible injuries may appear days or even weeks later. Like any other traumatic accident, a car accident can increase your adrenaline levels and cause numbing effects on pain and discomfort. However, once everything is settled, you might feel discomfort, soreness, or pain. Chiropractic care can provide pain relief in both the short- and long term.

This article will discuss how a chiropractor can help following an auto accident.

There are many treatment options for chiropractic care. Inversion therapy is one such treatment.

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Table of Contents

  • Chiropractic Care after Car Accidents
  • There is no need to take medication
  • It reduces pain
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Normal range of motion restored
  • Car wreck doctor

Chiropractic Care after Car Accidents

After a car accident, everyone should seek medical attention, especially with symptoms. Avoiding going to the doctor can lead to chronic pain and other long-term problems. If you visit your primary care physician to receive medical treatment, you might only be able to leave with a few prescriptions and no treatment plan. Chiropractic treatment can address the root cause of pain after a car accident, such as backaches, neck pains, stiffness, and restricted range of motion. Instead of numbing the symptoms with medication, your chiropractor will help you identify the root cause.

These are just a few ways that a chiropractor can help you.

There is no need to take medication.

Many people are pleased to learn that chiropractic care doesn’t include harmful medication or invasive surgery. People these days are naturally averse to pain medication because they fear becoming addicted or dependent.

Sometimes, pain medications mask the injury symptoms rather than treating the root cause. Chiropractic care will help you get to the root of your problems, not just treat them. A chiropractor can treat whiplash injuries and other common conditions without prescribing harmful medication.

It reduces pain

Even in a minor accident, such as a fender bender or car crash, your body can be jerked around, causing injury to your muscles and soft tissues. This is why car accidents are filled with painful soft tissue injuries, such as neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. Other symptoms include severe tension headaches and recurring migraines.  These injuries can cause severe pain that can impact your quality of life.

A chiropractor specializing in auto accidents can provide a chiropractic adjustment that will help reduce pain and not require you to take pain medication. Your chiropractor will examine the alignment of your spine. Your chiropractor will also check the tension in your muscles along the length of the spine. After examining your spine alignment, your chiropractor will create a treatment plan that adjusts your spine using spinal manipulation to return it to its original alignment.

Reduces Inflammation

After an accident, inflammation of the neck and back muscles is joint. Inflammation is normal and signifies that your body is trying to heal itself. Too much can cause discomfort and tissue damage. A chiropractor can adjust your spine to reduce inflammation and pain. Excessive inflammation of the spine can cause stiffness and pain, which may increase inactivity. You will feel the most pain when your back is inflamed.

Restores normal range of motion

Most accident victims are left with stiffness in their neck and back after an injury. Misaligned spine joints, scar tissue formation, inflammation, and other factors can all lead to stiffness. However, a spinal adjustment can help restore and enhance your range of motion. It involves mobilizing and realigning your spine during manipulations.

Car wreck chiropractor

It is in your best interests to see a doctor immediately if you are injured in a car crash. CareMore Chiropractic Centers can assist accident victims after any crash. Your doctor will provide you with documentation and coordinate with your insurance company during your recovery. They will refer you to an experienced accident attorney who can help you win your claim. CareMore Chiropractic will guide you through the whole process so that you can focus on healing from your injuries after an auto accident. After suffering an injury from a motor vehicle accident, they will refer you to professionals who can help.