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What Our Patients Say

I have rheumatoid arthritis and had a lot of pain with walking and mobility, but since I began going to CareMore Chiropractic, I am living a better quality of life with a lot less pain.
Peggy D.

My back had been hurting more and more over the years. Finally, I went to one of the nice CareMore doctors. He helped me a lot with the first treatment. Now that I’ve had a few treatments I feel fine except I feel foolish for waiting so long to visit CareMore. I could have put an end to my pain and suffering years ago.
Richard M.

As an 85-year-old woman, I have been amazed at how much chiropractic and rehabilitation has helped me. I was in a car accident and I suffer from osteoarthritis. The treatments have reduced my pain and increased my mobility tremendously. I always leave the office feeling much better than when I arrive.
Carla K.

After a November 7th, 2009, motorcycle accident I was in quite a bit of pain. CareMore’s diagnosis, treatments, and practices helped with my recovery and today I am pain-free.
Doug G.

I’ve been reaping the benefits of chiropractic care for over 30 years. My doctor at CareMore is the best chiropractor that I’ve ever been to. I especially appreciate that he uses a wide range of techniques
Adrienne A.

Thanks to CareMore and my doctor I stand straighter and do not limp anymore by having my hip adjusted. He’s great!
Clark A.

Before coming into CareMore my back was hurting very bad. After the treatment, the pain was gone. CareMore was very comforting and caring during each visit. I recommend them.
William L.

My chiropractor at CareMore has helped with the pain and my ability to walk better. The staff is kind and caring.
Mike F.

I am very satisfied with the treatment I received at CareMore Chiropractic Clinic. Maria C.

I think CareMore is the best. Since I’ve been going there, I feel a lot better. The Dr. and staff are very friendly. They really take care of you.
Patricia L.

They treat me great, give me good service. They are very friendly. Thank You.
Josefina G.

Have been suffering from a stiff neck for several years. Much improvement in motion after 4 visits. Thanks
Nancy A.

My experience here at CareMore has been very pleasant and the staff makes me very comfortable. The doctor is very understanding, listens and addresses my complaints. I appreciate everyone’s patience. Thank You.
Ubia G.

We love coming in because everyone is considerate. They take care of us and they both make us laugh. Thank You so much for all you do for us.
Cecilia F.

Have been given good information and I’m seeing progress.
John M.

My experience here has been very caring and professional for the past 6 weeks. I thank you and would recommend this office to others.
Debra P.

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