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Dr. James Vanderloop

Our Los Lunas Chiropractor

Address:  352 Main St. Los Lunas NM 87031
Office Phone Number: (505) 865-3333

Dr. Vanderloop is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in  Kansas City.  Dr. Vanderloop has been practicing for over 19 years.

Dr. Vanderloop has been fortunate to be able to work with NASA flight crew as well as personnel with the International Space Station.

Dr. Vanderloop is a compassionate chiropractor who is dedicated to helping people resolve their neuromusculoskeletal issues. He specializes in motor vehicle accidents and other injuries.
Headaches,neck pain, back pain, sciatica, brachial neuralgia (burning into the arm), are just a few of the symptoms that Dr. Woodruff has treated successfully over the years.

Dr. Vanderloop understands that people with similar injuries respond very differently to treatment. He utilizes a variety of techniques, such as a diversified, activator, pelvic blocking, and physiotherapies depending on the patient’s needs.

Home care is an important part of your treatment plan and Dr.  Vanderloop will give you stretches, exercises, nutrition and other tips specific to your symptoms that will help you with your long-term plan for health.

Health is important to everyone and using chiropractic to promote optimal health can benefit almost everyone.