CareMore Chiropractic Physicians regularly provide chiropractic therapy for kids experiencing soft tissue and or muscle pain. We are a leading provider of chiropractic therapy to children to relieve their pains from normal kid activities.Besides the obvious traumas of a car accident or sports injury, it’s estimated that the average child falls an average of 2,500 times before they reach the age of 5. At CareMore Chiropractic Centers our doctors of chiropractic have successfully treated thousands of children ranging from babies to teenagers. Your child’s spine is too important to ignore. You can prevent a lifetime of problems by catching misalignments early and treating them with simple adjustments with our qualified, fully licensed chiropractic physicians. If you aren’t certain if a chiropractor could help your child, you can always schedule a FREE consultation with any of our CareMore chiropractors in 7 convenient chiropractic locations conveniently located throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Los Lunas See Our Office Locations Page.