Neck pain can be a leading cause of headaches. Many of us tend to frequently hold our head and necks in one position all day while at the computer or our desks. This type of muscle strain can lead to muscle spasms which will then refer the pain upward to our head.

However, there are simple exercises that can be done to either reduce or prevent neck pain. This video demonstrates some very effective exercises that you can do while at work or at home. As with any exercises, be sure to check with your Doctor of Chiropractic at CareMore Chiropractic in Albuquerque to make sure this type of movement is right for your specific condition.

Your chiropractor will be happy to answer your questions and prescribe exercises that will get you on the road to health. Home care, coupled with regular chiropractic adjustments, will get you feeling better fast. If you do not have a chiropractor, click here to find an Albuquerque chiropractor, a Rio Rancho chiropractor, or a Los Lunas chiropractor.