Back Pain Management


Rethinking Pain: An Alternative Way of Coping with Constant Back Pain Back pain is an unpredictable beast. Experiencing consistent lower back pain can decrease the quality of life and make a person unproductive. There are affordable and convenient ways to deal with back pain. For instance, chiropractic services are common among patients because they [...]

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A Simple Exercise to Reduce Sciatic Pain


Sciatica pain can be almost unbearable. However, with chiropractic treatment and under the supervision of one of our CareMore Chiropractic physicians, this very painful condition can be treated successfully without the use of surgery or drugs. In the following video, a chiropractor discusses a simple yet effective exercise that can greatly reduce [...]

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A Simple Exercise to Help Reduce Disc Pain From a Herniated Disc (bulging disc)


Disc herniation, commonly known as a bulging disc, is an extremely painful condition. Our CareMore Chiropractic physicians have successfully non-surgically treated many patients with this condition. Although it takes time and carefully following your doctor's treatment plan, you can immediately start on the road to recovery with techniques to reduce your disc [...]

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How To Help Reduce & Prevent Neck Pain


Neck pain can be a leading cause of headaches. Many of us tend to frequently hold our head and necks in one position all day while at the computer or our desks. This type of muscle strain can lead to muscle spasms which will then refer the pain upward to our head. [...]

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Best Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


In the video below you will learn some of the best exercises that you can do for carpal tunnel syndrome. Although there are a lot of exercises out there for carpal tunnel syndrome, some of them like the hand gripping type movements can actually worsen the condition. That is why you should [...]

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Best Stretches For Athletes


Athletes that engage in strenuous, repetitive motions like runners, cyclists, and hikers can sometimes experience a sharp painful sensation on the outside of the knee during and after the activity. Iliotibial Band Syndrome or ITB syndrome is a common cause of this type of lateral knee pain. It presents as a stabbing [...]

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