Athletes that engage in strenuous, repetitive motions like runners, cyclists, and hikers can sometimes experience a sharp painful sensation on the outside of the knee during and after the activity. Iliotibial Band Syndrome or ITB syndrome is a common cause of this type of lateral knee pain. It presents as a stabbing pain on the outside of the knee during and after strenuous activity and can be so painful that it interferes with the continuance of the activity. In addition to doing the exercises on the video, people suffering from IBT should see a chiropractor for evaluation and treatment of the mechanical imbalances that are frequently present in the low back, pelvis, knees, and feet. As with any exercise, you should consult your chiropractor first to make sure that these types of stretches are appropriate for your specific condition. Regular chiropractic treatment in combination with the right prescription of exercise will help ensure that the athletic activity can successfully continue whether the sport is recreational or competitive in nature.

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