In the video below you will learn some of the best exercises that you can do for carpal tunnel syndrome. Although there are a lot of exercises out there for carpal tunnel syndrome, some of them like the hand gripping type movements can actually worsen the condition. That is why you should have your individual problem assessed by a qualified doctor of chiropractic like the 9 Chiropractors we have on staff (click here). The exercises below are designed to address the muscular imbalance that occurs as a result of grasping and flexing our fingers and wrists more often and more forcefully in our everyday lives. These exercises are an easy and effective way to begin to correct this imbalance which contributes to the carpal tunnel syndrome. People with this condition also need chiropractic care to restore the neurobiomechanical integrity to the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and cervical spine. For locations to an Albuquerque chiropractor, Rio Rancho chiropractor, or Los Lunas chiropractor please click here.

For some additional exercises, click on the tab under this category that says “Glide Exercises”.