Rethinking Pain: An Alternative Way of Coping with Constant Back Pain

Back pain is an unpredictable beast. Experiencing consistent lower back pain can decrease the quality ofback pain treatment
life and make a person unproductive.
There are affordable and convenient ways to deal with back pain. For instance, chiropractic services are
common among patients because they can treat chronic back pain and sports injuries. Other methods of
coping with consistent backaches, on the other hand, require only a change in perspective.

Get Moving

Once you have the go-signal from your doctor or psychotherapist, it’s safe to get moving even if it may
seem painful. Studies in neuroscience show that chronic pain stems from a fear of re-injury as a way to
protect the body.
Lorimer Moseley, a researcher from the University of South Australia, shares that it’s still possible to
move and exercise while staying within the pain buffer zone. Various activities like yoga, pilates,
strength training, and more can help relieve patients of the consistent pain.

Why You Don’t Need Opioids

Researchers from the Lancet study claim that back pain is one of the reasons patients turn to opioids.
But studies demonstrate that the addictive effects of opioids could be destructive to patient health.
Professor Mark Hancock from the Macquarie University reveals that not all back pain drugs cause
serious side effects. Short-term use of anti-inflammatory medication could be helpful if it encourages a
person to get moving, for instance.

A Change in Perspective

The most natural way to cope with nagging backaches is to rethink pain. The language a person uses to
describe pain like, “feels like a knife” and “a burning feeling” can, in fact, go a long way and contribute
to discomfort. Sometimes, it helps to think of pain as a “friend” that protects tissues when they need to
By embracing a change in outlook and letting go of fear, you can fight back and live a more active

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